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Seasons of Alaska Bracelet

Bracelets with a story to tell™

Seasons of Alaska Bracelet

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Seasons of Alaska Inspiration: We definitely have four distinct seasons in Alaska, although some may be very short, while others are very long. This bracelet set captures all 4 seasons of Alaska.


* Jewelry always crafted with natural semiprecious stones and materials - no plastic or painted items.
* Regular size is 7-7.5 inches (18-19cm) - sizes can be customized - just email us!
* Made in Alaska by Alaskans - only crafted when ordered.
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Bracelets with a story to tell™

Seasons of Alaska Inspiration: We definitely have four distinct seasons in Alaska, although some may be very short, while others are very long.

Winter is our longest season.  Interestingly, when you see photos of Alaska taken in the winter, you might assume you’re looking at a black and white photo when you’re actually looking at a color photo!  It’s very black and white all winter.  We usually have snow by September or October in Southcentral, and we don’t typically see spring temperatures until late April or May.  

Spring arrives with the robins and the leaves on the birch trees popping out all at once giving us the most beautiful light green world!  In our area, we don’t plant gardens until all danger of frost has passed, which is typically June 1st.  

Summers here are short but bright!  We have around 100 go 110 frost free days to get the gardens planted, matured, and harvested.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Only around 100 or so frost free days?”  Remember, though, we have 22-ish hours of daylight in the summer, with only a couple of hours of dusk.  It doesn’t really get dark until the end of August, so there’s lots of daylights to get outside and enjoy it.

Fall in Alaska is short, as in blink and you might miss it short.  However, it is absolutely beautiful!  Most of our trees turn yellow while ground shrubs, scrubs, and the tundra will turn a beautiful red.  The days are turning colder and we have more darkness than daylight.  Snowfall begins.  The robins are long gone.  You’ll see the ducks, geese, cranes, and many other birds heading south for the winter.  If you haven’t experienced fall in Alaska, you need to!

We have created a four stack bracelet set that represents the Seasons of Alaska. However, we’re going to be introducing it over the coming year to coincide with the seasons, so when you get your last bracelet in November you’ll have a full stack of Seasons of Alaska.


First, let’s talk about our Winter Seasons of Alaska Bracelet.  Natural Quartz crystal chip beads are the focal.  Why?  Well, you’re going to find snow and ice in our corner of Alaska, and lots of it!  We have all kinds of precipitation ranging from snow, to rain, to freezing rain, to sleet, to graupel, and more falling in winter.  Growing up in the south, I had no idea snow was loud.  It’s not loud when it’s falling, but after it’s been on the ground a few days with temps below freezing, it will get hard, and then you can hear your footsteps.  I grew up just assuming that snow remained soft on the ground, like it is when falling.  Nope!

Winters in Alaska are beautiful, and if you’ve followed us for a minute you know that winter is my favorite season.  The bright white snow with the dark mountains and deep green of the fir trees, with the brilliant blue skies, ice crystals in the air, the sun shining are my favorite!  

Spring is here - Spring Seasons of Alaska Bracelet! I took Prehnite chips that mimic the exact colors of the spring leaves to capture spring in my corner of Alaska.  Like all the other bracelets in the Seasons of Alaska stack, you will find the chip stones are paired with Woodlace Stone for a neutral pairing with the chips.  

Oh Boy! Beautiful Summer Seasons of Alaska Bracelet. Berries!  Lots and lots of berries.  Alaska has some delicious summer berries, including raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon berries, salmonberries, and we even have our own arctic blackberry.  

What do Alaskans do with all those luscious berries?  Why, we preserve them, of course!  (Think our Jam Session bracelet stack here!)   We make jellies, jams, syrups, and then we freeze some for yummy muffins and pies in deep winter.  

I chose garnet chips to represent our berries since most of them are red but not all.  Like all the other bracelets in the Seasons of Alaska stack, you will find the chip stones are paired with Woodlace Stone for a neutral pairing with the chips.

Tell us your story of your Season in Alaska?

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Seasons of Alaska Bracelet

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