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How to put on a stretch bracelet video

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How is Great Land Bracelets Jewelry made?

All Great Land jewelry is made by hand by skilled craftsmen local to Alaska. We never use any machination or imported craftwork.

So many choices - how do I decide?

So you like stones? What about wooden beads? Do you enjoy wearing leather? You can sort our collection in almost any way you wish to find your desired jewelry. If you have a particular Alaska location or adventure spot, from our home page, select your location to narrow down your search.

Where is your jewelry made?

All of our jewelry is designed and crafted by artisans in Alaska, USA. No production is ever outsourced, into another country or even another state. We are proud to be certified a 'Made in Alaska' product.

Is fashion jewelry real jewelry?

Of course it is. In general terms, jewelry is any ornamental piece worn for personal ornamentation. Our jewelry is not precious jewelry - we do not use diamonds or other precious stones and we do not use solid gold or platinum. We do use natural materials - semiprecious stones, wood, and natural leather. We also use stainless steel, sterling silver and gold plate.

How do you clean fashion jewelry?

For your stone and/or wooden bead jewelry, just rubbing your bracelet with a damp cloth with warm water is often enough to clean appropriately.

For your leather jewelry, the same damp cloth should be sufficient. But we do recommend that at least yearly, using a small amount of good quality leather oil to keep the leather moist, water resistant and supple.



Do I have to create an account?

On our front page, click on 'MY ACCOUNT'. Here you can sign-in or create an account.

Why do I need an account? 

Accounts are for your convenience to save your information and purchase history for when you next sign in. 



How do I know you received my order?

As soon as you place your order, we will be sending you either an email or text to the email or number you provided at checkout.

Why do you need my email address or text phone number?

You are asked for your email address and/or your text phone number so that our system can timely update you on your order, shipping information, and tracking numbers. We may also use your contact information if we have questions about your order.

Is it safe to enter my credit card information?

Absolutely. Our website is administered by Shopify and they provide full encryption of your sensitive information. In fact, BTJ Living LLC, it's owners and employees do not have any access to your private information.

Can you make custom orders?

Of course! We can make jewelry based on your specifications. Just drop us an email with what you would like and we can make help make your dream jewelry come to life.

Can I get a coupon code?

We don't have many coupons, but you can get a discount for signing up for our Enjoy Life VIP Club. You will get special sales a few times per year and first announcements of new jewelry.

Where do I enter my coupon code?

On the checkout page, there is a field to enter your discount code.

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