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Kenai Lake Bracelet

Bracelets with a story to tell™

Kenai Lake Bracelet

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Kenai Lake is a large, "zig-zag" shaped lake on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The lake forms the headwaters of the Kenai River, and is itself a destination for fishing and other outdoor activity.

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A Bracelet with a Story to Tell™

Kenai Lake Bracelet Inspiration: Kenai Lake is a large, "zig-zag" shaped lake on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The lake forms the headwaters of the Kenai River, and is itself a destination for fishing and other outdoor activity. Due to its size and shape it is accessible from both the Sterling Highway and the Seward Highway.


photo copyright belongs to: Beeblebrox at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Story Time: We used to live near Kenai Lake, so we drove around it often. If you are familiar with the area, the road is windy and narrow with blind curves, etc. One day while coming back from Anchorage and being tired after the long drive, we find ourselves behind a rental (or better known as a rental RV). Trucking along about 40 miles an hour we round a curve and the rental slams on their brakes and stops in the middle of the road because a tiny speck of a moose can be seen yards away down near the lake. Good grief people - do NOT slam on brakes on a mountain road except for a real emergency. Anyway, over 10 years later, we still talk about that rental and the moose! By way, we could see the details of the bumper bolt heads on the back of the rental when we finally stopped.

Kenai Lake Bracelet is designed with a series of smooth turquoise beads and a repeating series of random small turquoise chips. As these turquoise chips are each unique, please expect your bracelet to have a slightly different shape.

Let's go fishing in Kenai Lake!

This is a stretch bracelet to fit most wrists or ankles. Need a special size? We can customize it just for you.

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Kenai Lake Bracelet

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